Dare to Fly! Rated by the ACB With Sony as the Publisher, Gameshastra as Dev, Seems to be a PSN Exclusive Title

The Australian Classification Board, who have been behind leaks like the retail only Borderlands 2 Expansion and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, have been quiet for a little bit, and their most recent rating isn’t going too cause much noise.

A game called Dare to Fly! was given a ‘G’ rating, with Sony Computer Entertainment as the publisher and Gameshastra (who have released D-Cube Planet and Tiger Trouble) doing the development.

No other information is given by the ACB, but Exophase put up the trophies for Dare to Fly! recently, which seem to point towards this being a PSN exclusive title for the PS3 due to how few there are:

*All are Bronze, unless otherwise noted

  • Dauntless Devil – Complete Your First Flight Successfully
  • Flap-ed! (Gold) – Complete the Campaign Mode Successfully Once
  • Le Savior (Silver) – Rescue 100 Baby Birds
  • Barrel Roller – Fly Through 500 Rings in Campaign Mode
  • Flap-O-Mania – Flap 10,000 Times
  • Bustin Billboards – Tear Through 500 Billboards
  • Nuked! – Destroy Falcon’s Nest in ‘Avian Outlaw’ Level
  • Bull’s Eye – Land on the Bull’s Eye 10 Times
  • Fire and Forget – Destroy the Lighthouse in the ‘Lighthouse’ Level
  • Shark’s Dinner – Get Yourself Killed by a Shark
  • Fishing Spree – Collect 1000 Fish
  • Stamina Saver – End Any LEvel With 50% Stamina Intact 5 Times
  • Target Practice – Score 10,000 Points by Hitting Targets in Quick Flaps’ Target Practice Mode
  • Time Warped – Accrue 1 Hour Time Bonus in Quick Flap’s Virtual Gates Mode
  • Flight of Freedom – Fly 2 Hours With Falcon King

We’ve reached out to Sony to find out more information about Dare to Fly! (region availability, price, systems, etc) and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

Do you think Dare to Fly sounds a little bit like Tiny Wings? Let us know in the comments below.