Ken Levine Jokes about ‘New Game’ After Sites Misinterpret Tweets

Yesterday saw Ken Levine, Creative Director on BioShock Infinite and Co-Founder of Irrational Games, give out a seemingly innocent reply on his Twitter account that read, “Game writing this afternoon. This is something else.” Some sites picked this up and reported that Ken Levine was writing a brand new game, to which he later added, “I suspect no amount of saying “I didn’t start writing a new game” would convince people I didn’t start writing a new game.”

In true Ken Levine form (follow him on Twitter and you’ll know what I mean), he proceeded to describe this non-existent ‘NEW GAME‘ through a series of tweets, which we’ve placed below in chronological order:

  1. Features over 22 flavors of salad dressing
  2. “Follows Senator Jon Bon Jovi as he and Marty McFly save the president’s daughter from the vice president’s daughter.”
  3. “SPOILER ALERT: The President’s daughter is also the president! #yougogirl”
  4. “WAIT!!! There’s trouble at Irrational! KEY PEOPLE HAVE LEFT THE STUDIO! The NEW GAME is delayed.”
  5. “Okay, we’ve re-hired them. The NEW GAME is back on track.”
  6. “Shit. Now it’s cancelled.”
  7. “Okay, the NEW GAME has been relaunched with some features cut. The first feature cut from NEW GAME is New Game+.”
  8. The pre-order bonus for NEW GAME is “free tweets for a year.”
  9. “Either Senator Jon Bon Jovi is not the same as musician Jon Bon Jovi or musician Jon Bon Jovi got really fat.”

Although NEW GAME may not be real, do you think they should make it anyways? What do you think of his irrational tweeting? Let us know in the comments below.