Gran Turismo 6 Expected to be Announced Today, Press Release Leaked Early

A press release made waves around the ‘net this morning with an announcement from Sony about Gran Turismo 6. And while the information seems to indeed be genuine, it was leaked early ahead of an embargo—although the site that leaked it denies that they were informed of the embargo ahead of the announcement, and instead were told after they had already released the information. This means GT6 is still technically unannounced, but is expected to be announced officially later today at the Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary event.

The press release states that Gran Turismo 6 will feature all of the vehicles available in GT5, with many new cars added bringing the total at launch to 1200 cars, with more being added frequently via DLC. GT6 will also feature some type of connectivity with smartphones and other devices.

The most intriguing information that was unveiled, is that GT6 is set for a holiday 2013 release on the PlayStation 3. The PS4 was not mentioned, so look for GT6 to be one of the PS3’s last hurrahs before passing the torch to its successor.

Expect the official announcement later today, and when it happens, we’ll update this post with confirmation despite the certainty that this information is valid.