Resistance 4 was “Seriously Considered” by Insomniac, But They Felt Resistance 3 “Closed a Major Chapter” in the Franchise

In preparation for the launch of Fuse at the end of the month, Ted Price had the herculean task of doing a large amount of press interviews recently.

Our very own Dan Oravasaari’s extensive Q&A is going live very soon, but until then, we’ll take a quick look at an interview between Ted and GamesRadar, where the topic of Resistance came up.

Explaining why we haven’t seen or heard anything about a new Resistance on consoles, Ted said that “we decided to bring Resistance to a conclusion when we looked ahead and realized that Resistance 4, while possible and something we seriously considered, wasn’t going to be the right game for us at that time.”

This led to Insomniac wanting to do something new, because “one of the aspects of building franchises, and sticking with them for a long time is that even the team can get franchise fatigue. We had been pushing hard with Resistance from the beginning–which was a tough birth–to Resistance 3, which is a game we were all very proud of. With Resistance 3 it felt like we had capped off, or at least closed a major chapter in that franchise. So, a lot of the team was looking forward to doing something different.”

When you add in Ted’s thoughts from his IAmA that read, “The future of Resistance is unclear – I’ve said we wouldn’t go back to making Resistance since we don’t own the IP,” the chances of a new game in the franchise don’t look great. But who knows, maybe a new Resistance (and not a Ratchet & Clank tie-in with the movie release) is what their next-gen title is?

In Dan’s upcoming interview, Ted said:

I have publicly said ‘no’ before. However, I have also learned to say never say never. Because I mean it really was as I said, a learning experience for me, and a journey for us – at the same time it was fun, because building sci-fi universes is something we just love to do, like Fuse, which is a sci-fi universe as well, having a lot of creative latitude in terms of what we could do with the Chimera and the weapons is what we live for when it comes to creating games.

It’s nice to be a company that has, at least unofficially, embraced the non-real world side of games. That is what we do. We don’t do military sims. We don’t do racing games. We don’t do sim games. We don’t do sports games. We do sci-fi and fantasy, and for us it’s a blast. That is why I got into games in the first place, because I’m a sci-fi nut, [laughs] and I think a lot of other folks at Insomniac are too.

He also said that “I do hope Resistance occupies a fond place in people’s hearts. We certainly hear that frequently and I am proud of what we were able to do.”

If this truly is the end of the Resistance franchise from Insomniac, are you satisfied with the ending they gave us? Let us know in the comments below.