Visceral Games PS4/Xbox 720 Shooter Outed, Medal of Honor on PS Vita from Slant Six Was Apparently a Thing

It seems that absolutely nothing can escape the internet eye of Superannuation, who is back yet again with a pair of interesting pieces of information, with the first focusing solely on Visceral Games, who have been busy lately with the Dead Space franchise and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

On a resume for Jehan Choo, Concept Artist, he lists that he worked at Visceral Games on an “Upcoming next-gen shooter [PS4/Xbox 720]” from January 2013 – March 2013. Since January pre-dates the Star Wars deal, it looks as though Visceral has something else in the works, with Dead Space being a possible candidate as that was rumored to be receiving an FPS and Visceral was rumored to be working on the franchise.

Scrolling a little further down that resume, it reveals two unreleased PS3 and Xbox 360 projects, with the first being a “Stylized Army Game.” For that, Jehan created “concepts for a set of character races and the sub-classes within each class,” while also setting “the visual language of the weapons and how they could function.” The second was then an “Action Fantasy” title (Dante’s Inferno 2?) where Jehan did the “pre-visualization of an entire world of dark, fantastical creatures.”

Stepping aside from Visceral Games, that other tidbit involves a possible Medal of Honor on PlayStation Vita by Slant Six Games (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, 2 SOCOM titles on PSP), which was revealed in a piece of art by Alex Carigi, Concept Artist at Slant Six:


With the Medal of Honor franchise ‘resting’ as of right now, it’s probably a safe bet that this isn’t in development, and possibly never got past the concept stage.

What do you think Visceral might be working on? Would you have bought a Medal of Honor game on PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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