Rayman Legends Gets Confirmed for PlayStation Vita, Arrives August 29th in Europe

We guessed that when Rayman Legends was delayed a few months to accommodate a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release, a PlayStation Vita version wouldn’t be far behind, which Ubisoft has now confirmed.

Due to it being a holiday in the usual places where Ubisoft reports their news from, the announcement of this PlayStation Vita version came from Spain, where Rayman Legends was confirmed for an August 29th release date in EMEA and August 30th in the UK. We’ll likely have to wait until tomorrow for news of a North American release date, but expect it to be September 3rd.

On PlayStation Vita, Rayman Legends includes five exclusive maps that you can play with Murphy, the green bottle fly from past games, using the rear touchpad. There’s also a multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi where you can play co-op with other people, online challenges complete with leaderboards, a Prince of Persia costume for Rayman, and a Splinter Cell costume for Globox.

If for some reason any of the details were lost in translation, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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