GRID 2 Patch 1.01 Deployed, Fixes Multiple Issues

It trounced the competition in the UK during the last week, and Codemasters’ GRID 2 was given an update today, fixing a bunch of different issues that have been popping up since launch:

  • Fixed an Issue in Season 1 where viewing sponsorship objectives cause the game to hang.
  • During season 3 in the Haruna Kyojin drift event at Okutama the AI would become overly aggressive and ram into the back of a player.
  • Fixed a graphics issue where the logo of lightweight cars does not appear with the other Tier 3 car classes.
  • If the player selects the Technology sponsor objective – “Lead all laps of a race event” they will find then when they lead all laps of any race event that the sponsor objective does not complete, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where upon completing the game and selecting New Driver from the options menu, the game went to a dead state on a loading screen upon completing season 1 (after playing a video at the wrong place).
  • Fixed a splitscreen issue which was caused when the player uses an instant flashback then pauses the game and restarts the race. They will notice that the AI will take control of their vehicle once the races starts.
  • Fixed an audio bug that would cause sound to become badly distorted during any race where music plays.
  • Fixed an issue where the background cars in the 2nd and 3rd garages would have drivers just sat in them.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in RaceNet global challenges not updating accurately.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from signing up to RaceNet in game.
  • Fixed a graphical error that was present when removing upgrades and reverting to the default livery.
  • Fixed an issue where in Touge if a player drove through a ghosted player that has just flashbacked they will be unfairly disqualified.
  • Fixed an audio issue that caused short burst of engine audio to be present when quitting out at the start of the Divizero time attack race.
  • Fixed numerous corner cutting errors on Indianapolis.
  • Miscellaneous: many various tracks / car geometry, stability, string and difficulty balancing fixes.

As Codemasters put it, “this is a first wave of fixes and we’re already hard at work on a future patch,” so if you’re still having issues after installing 1.01, they’re working on cleaning them up.

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