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PS4 Will Have “A Significant Chunk” of Launch Titles, Sony Won’t Jam the PS Camera “Down Everyone’s Throat”

We’ve given Adam Boyes more attention today than we’ve given Kaz all month, so to make sure we don’t mess up the status quo even further and upset Kaz – this story, based off of the roundtable PSLS attended earlier today, will be the last.

We know that the PS Camera won’t be included in the box with every single PlayStation 4, costing $59.99/€49.99/£44.99 separately, with Adam giving his thoughts on the camera:

I think it really enhances a lot of games. The good news is that from Day 1, the controller interacts very well with the camera – because its got that LED bar – and that allows you to do a lot of different things.


We have seen a lot of interest in developing for it, there’s a lot of people that are exploring various things from voice control and navigations, because it’s high resolution and it works really well for that stuff.

But we want to make it up to the gamer. If you don’t play those types of games, then we don’t want you to have to pay for that. And we think that that’s the right way to go…we’ll tailor-make different experiences for people.

That tailor-making includes the kids/fitness/other content, but the message seems to be that they don’t want to jam it “down everyone’s throat.”

Moving along to the PS4 launch titles, Adam revealed that they haven’t confirmed the exact day one number yet (just that they’ll have a ton of titles in the first year), but it will be “a significant chunk,” with Boyes thinking that both big and indie games will be represented.

How many games do you think will be available at launch? Let us know in the comments below.