The Last of Us Patch 1.01 Out Now – Game has an Online Pass, Jak & Daxter Unlockables, Over 90 Minutes of Cinematics

If you’ve somehow forgotten that The Last of Us is now on sale (or almost on sale, depending where you live), we’re here to remind you: The Last of Us is now available both in stores and on the PlayStation Network (again, depending where you live).

To help kick this momentous occasion off, in a spoiler-free way, we’re here to tell you that there is an online pass and patch 1.01 is already available for the game, taking up 46MB in total. We reached out to Naughty Dog and they said it was just “minor launch tweaks”. Future PS4 first party titles will not have an online pass.

As for the game itself, every single one of the cinematics is viewable on their own (after seeing them, of course), with The Last of Us featuring over 90 minutes of them in total. On top of that, nearly everything you do is kept track of in the statistics, and while it does have a bunch of trophies to unlock, there’s also ‘Tags’ (basically mini-Trophies), which can be achieved by completing a variety of different tasks in-game.

Something that will no doubt be familiar to Naughty Dog fans are the unlockables: These range from different render modes, to concept art, and even different skins/clothing for Joel and Ellie, with Ellie having access to Naughty Dog t-shirts, a Jak & Daxter hoodie, a Daxter backpack, Jak goggles, and more.

If you do have The Last of Us, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, but please, keep everything spoiler-free.