Conan O’Brien Goes to E3 2013 and Endorses the PS4, then Changes his Mind to the Xbox One, Then Meets Mario

Stepping away from his usual segment of (humorously) reviewing video games, Conan O’Brien went to E3 earlier this month, checking out the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the process.

In the video, you can see Conan endorse the PS4, then the Xbone, become oddly enthralled by a Bayonetta 2 cosplayer, play through Hohokum, Ryse: Son of RomeMario Kart 8, meet Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario), and much more:

He also had a quick chat with Shigeru Miyamoto, where he asked him what the deal is with moustaches:

Do you think Conan made a fair and unbiased choice at E3? Let us know in the comments below.

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