CCP Games Will Frequently Update DUST 514, Details Uprising 1.2

In response to feedback from players and the media, CCP Games has announced that updates will be coming on a “near-monthly” basis for DUST 514. They also detailed the changes coming to the game in Uprising 1.2. In addition to addressing some core gameplay mechanics such as aiming, vehicle handling, and movement on the battlefield, the update will also be introducing a new dropsuit.

Dropsuits are essentially classes of loadouts and the new Commando dropsuit will allow you to go into battle with two light weapons. The update will also be “introducing special Neo Dropsuits for all roles” and using Ferroscale and Reactive armor plates to help armor become more viable protection on the battlefield.

CCP Games also state that the update will be “introducing Optimal, Effective, and Absolute range on all handheld weapons”. This will essentially modify the amount of damage your weapon can do based on the distance of your target.

Uprising 1.2 will also include various sound and visual upgrades as well as some bug fixes.

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