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PS4 Will Have Party Chat, Friends List Expanded to 2,000 Friends

In a new Q&A video from Access PlayStation, it has been revealed that the PS4 will support free party chat and that the friends list capacity has been expanded to 2,000 (double the Xbox One). The party chat feature will also not require PlayStation Plus, just like Netflix and most free-to-play games.

The video also says that Sony is looking into supporting 3D with the PS4 and will have more to share on that in the future. Gamers can also carry over their current PlayStation account and avatar from their PS3 to the PS4.

Access PlayStation also reaffirms some things that we already know, such as you have to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, the PS4 will have a replaceable hard drive, and that the PlayStation Move is compatible with the PS4, but the DualShock 3 is not.

Are you excited about party chat? Do you even have 2,000 friends? Let us know in the comments.

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