Sony is “Working on Making Sure That the PSP Games” Added to PlayStation Plus “Are as Interesting as Possible”

Morgan Haro, Community Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms, has previously discussed PSP games being made available in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, saying that they “aren’t going anywhere any time soon just yet.”

Well, the negative feedback regarding those free PSP games never ends, with a commenter saying, “my IGC: no more PSP games, ever.” Morgan replied to this, explaining how they’re trying to get the most interesting PSP titles possible:

Can’t say that’s not going to happen. I’ve mentioned this before but through working with the community, we have seen that a good chunk of the Plus population do like the PSP content, despite what you may see here in the comments some weeks. But we’re working on making sure that the PSP games that do come are as interesting as possible. That’s just the status quo for now though, and we may change things up as we move forward.

It isn’t all just people not wanting PSP games in the IGC though, with someone who is pro-PSP saying that “there are some PSP games that are timeless that haven’ even been tried by customers of the Vita yet. LocoRocoPatapon… many, many other classics out there that could reach a new audience.” Here’s what Morgan said in response:

Yeah, those are some good thoughts, thanks for sharing. Going to see if we can get more of a dialogue with our digital 1st party teams who own some of that classic PSP content. No guarantees that anything can happen like that, but it’s worth seeing through that feedback to them. Thanks!

What are some under appreciated PSP games that you’d like to see added to the Instant Game Collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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