PS4 and PS Vita Bundle Rumored To Be Releasing for $500 By End of Year

According to a “well-placed anonymous source” speaking to Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily, a hardware bundle consisting of Sony’s next generation console, the PS4, and their struggling handheld, the PS Vita, could be releasing by year’s end. And with it would come with a staggering value packed into the bundle which could be priced at only $500—$150 is savings if you were to purchase each separately.

This could mean a few things. Maybe a PS Vita price drop announcement is coming at gamescom in just a couple of weeks, which would make the price difference and savings only $100 (or less), making the bundle seem more financially reasonable for Sony. It also could mean that Sony is planning on marketing the PS Vita as the perfect PS4 companion device due to its remote play and cross-play capabilities. Or, it could be just another rumor that never happens.

Whatever happens, Sony could use to sell a few more PS Vita systems, and this could be a great way to do so at an excellent value for consumers. How about you? Would you purchase a PS4 and PS Vita bundle at $500 if one were available?