That “Exciting” LittleBigPlanet Announcement Promised Today Isn’t Very Exciting

We hope you didn’t get too excited for the “exciting announcement” regarding the LittleBigPlanet franchise expected today, because the Twitter account has revealed what we can expect it to be, and it doesn’t sound very exciting.

As opposed to a wonderful new game in the franchise, they started off the day by saying, “We love each and everyone of you for your enthusiasm and passion for LBP but sadly we think you may of jumped the sack-gun on this occasion!” This was then followed up with, “We have some very cool news to share today about an awesome competition though! :).”

Most recently, they seemed to tease that the competition will involve some DLC by saying, “It’s not long now until we announce our brand new competition! By the way… Who here likes Free DLC? :).”

So, unless it’s a crazy competition with a lot of giveaways, we’ll likely just update this post with all the info when the announcement happens later today. Update: And here’s all the info.

Are you crushed to learn that it’s just a competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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