Thomas Was Alone Creator Announces New Stealth Action Game, Volume

Mike Bithell, who you may know as the creator of the indie hit Thomas Was Alone, has just announced his newest game. Volume is “a stealth game about being heard”, where the main character (currently unnamed) uses distraction and stealth to commit crimes rather than killing.

In addition to releasing with “hundreds of challenging and exciting environments”, Volume will also allow for players to create and remix their own levels and share them online. You can see the announcement trailer below.

Bithell also released his first gameplay demonstration, which details the level creation and other mechanics of the game. You can see it below.

The game’s story and characters will be further revealed in October at GameCity. As of right now, no launch platforms have been announced, but those should be revealed soon – and it should be noted that Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has seen the game and “seemed to like it“.

What are your initial thoughts on Volume? Let us know in the comments.