Hello Games on Joe Danger 1 & 2 for PS Vita: “We’re not Going to Shoehorn in Waggle Controls and Touch QTEs”

In a blink-and-you-could-miss-it announcement yesterday, it was revealed that both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie would be making their way to the PlayStation Vita in 2014.

Giving out some more information regarding the two Joe Danger games is Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Games, who said that “porting games for us is really hard work” because “it’s always been really important that our games feel natural to what they’re running on.”

Referencing how Joe Danger Touch on mobile devices is a completely different and original game, he said, “It would kill me to see Joe with virtual buttons or something.” So, with the games on Vita, it’s important to them that they keep “the quality of the Joe Danger console games’ graphics, and having them run at 60 fps. That smoothness is super-important to Joe Danger, so we’re pretty much obsessed with making sure the Vita versions match up to it.”

Murray then talked a little bit about the controls of Joe Danger 1 & 2 on Vita:

Another reason why Vita’s super great is that the console games use pretty much every button on a DualShock. That always surprises me, but the stunts, reverse and acceleration, rotating, boosting, punching and everything else all had to fit somewhere.

So all the Vita’s inputs look pretty attractive, too. We’re experimenting with what works best right now, and I promise we’re not going to shoehorn in waggle controls and touch QTEs ;).

For now, it definitely looks like we’re getting close to setting up a really nice way of using the level editor.

Finally, Sean teased that they’ll have some more surprises for Joe Danger on Vita soon.

Do you think you’ll pick up Joe Danger 1 or 2 on PlayStation Vita next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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