The Catch-Up: August 27th, 2013 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist Patch 1.02 Released, Shuhei Answers a Couple of PS4 Remote Play Questions

August 27, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


A busy release day means lots of launch trailers!

General News

  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been updated to version 1.02 on PS3. [Check Out the Patch Notes]
  • The Walking Dead on PS Vita for Europe won’t be releasing with the PlayStation Store update tomorrow and still doesn’t have a confirmed release date. [Source]
  • Gamefly is selling used copies of Far Cry 3 and Dead Island: Riptide for $14.99 and $12.99, respectively. [Buy Them!]
  • During Shuhei’s PS4 demo at gamescom, he had digital versions of all the games on the system. [Twitter]
  • You won’t be able to use the PS4’s Remote Play on PS Vita when someone is watching Netflix, but you’ll be able to change games while using Remote Play on the Vita, instead of using the TV. [Twitter 1, 2]
  • Looks like Hitman: Absolution will be getting a Complete Edition this October. We’ll let you know if/when it’s confirmed. [Source]
  • The official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be released this Thursday, probably at around 9AM PST. [Source]
  • The Witch and the Hundred Knight (formerly The Witch and the Hundred Knights) from NIS is scheduled for an early 2014 release date on PS3. [Press Release]
  • The Lab makes its return in Uncharted 3. [More Info]
  • By signing up for an AT&T DataConnect plan for your PlayStation Vita by September 22nd, you’ll receive free copies of Smart As and Super Stardust Delta, as well as three months of PlayStation Plus. [Via/Source]
  • NewEgg seems to be selling Madden NFL 25 for $45 on their eBay page. [Via/PS3/Xbox 360]
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 was updated to version 1.26, with Cool Pages getting the most attention. [More Info]

New Videos

  • Go Spelunky-ing today on PS3 and PS Vita:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag gets yet another walkthrough gameplay trailer:

  • The AFC Champions League in PES 2014 gets a trailer:

  • Here’s a semi-awkward video showing off the games of gamescom, which includes some gameplay for games like DriveClub:

  • Warm up with the Lost Planet 3 launch trailer:

  • Olympus weapons are now in God of War: Ascension:

Prepare yourself for the Ridge Racer Driftopia beta trailer:

Don’t be such a Project Diva F:

Get reborn with Final Fantasy XIV:

How many butt fumbles will you commit in Madden NFL 25?:

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