Real Boxing on PlayStation Vita Delayed in North America “For a Short Time”

When the PlayStation Store updated yesterday in North America, Real Boxing (which had been planned for release on that day for some time) was nowhere to be seen, but it did release today over in Europe without any issues.

So, we reached out to the publisher regarding its whereabouts and learned they didn’t have a release date for launch in North America. Thankfully, the YouTube account offered up a little bit more information by saying:

Real Boxing for the PlayStation Vita is now out in Europe, and we apologize as the North American launch will be delayed for a short time. We will confirm the new release date shortly, and we appreciate your patience and continuing interesting as we work toward the launch of our authentic boxing simulation.

When a new release date for North America is confirmed (it should happen “shortly”), we’ll be sure to let you know. If you do live in Europe though, there is a tournament being held until September 11th, which is accessible via the in-game multiplayer menu, and the winner will receive a PlayStation Vita.

Were you disappointed that Real Boxing didn’t release yesterday? Or did you have more than enough on your PSN plate as is? Let us know in the comments below.

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