Shahid Ahmad: The PS4 is “So Spectacular, So Well Thought Out, So Powerful”

Shahid Ahmad, an almost Twitter version of a hype man for Sony (his actual position is Senior Business Development Manager at SCEE), has always been good at singing the praises of the PlayStation Vita, while bringing many games to it at the same time.

While it’s been a bit of a slow start for the PlayStation Vita, a new price drop, tons of upcoming indie titles, and the PS4 Remote Play have all helped to build momentum for the device. Speaking to VG247 about everything PlayStation, Ahmad explained how, with headphones, the screen, and real controls, “it seemed even more suited to that type of indie game” when compared to PC or Mac.

He continued:

We just knew that it could come alive with some of those brilliant games and we wanted indie developers to realize that the Vita could be a natural home for the kind of experience they wanted to create, so we set about inviting them.

With a lot of future indie titles appearing on the PlayStation 4, in addition to PlayStation Vita, Shahid is invested in that system as well, and is something he’s very excited for:

I’ve never been more excited about the launch of a piece of hardware. It’s so spectacular, so well thought out, so powerful, that I want to make games for it myself. The next best thing to making games for it is to work with people far better than me who can and will make great games for it.

Even with a huge PS3 indie push late in the generation, Shahid believes “there will be a far greater number of indie games on the PS4 than there were on the PS3.” He says this is because “the PS4 is easier to program and much more powerful. For many indie devs used to a PC, the PS4 will seem like a supercharged version of what they’re used to. I can’t wait to see what they make of the PS4, and what they make for it.”

What indie titles do you currently plan on buying for the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.