Killzone: Mercenary Trophy Guide (PS Vita)

September 18, 2013Written by Richard Duflo


Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for Killzone: Mercenary! The trophies in KM are more time consuming than they are difficult. A key component in KM is money, you earn money for almost everything you do in the game. The money you earn in single player and multiplayer are added to the same wallet, so you can spend it across both game modes. The same thing goes for the kills. Your kills are separated by mode in the stats page but they are combined for the kill related trophies. If you fail an attempt at a trophy you will have to get yourself killed  as there is no restart checkpoint option in the game.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers within this guide. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading any further if you are avoiding spoilers.

Platinum – Platinum

– Collect all trophies.

Follow this guide!

Justice Served – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Justice for All’.

This trophy is story related.

Decoded – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Code of Engagement’.

This trophy is story related.

Strike Out – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Lightning Strike’.

This trophy is story related.

Foreign policy – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Diplomatic Incident’.

This trophy is story related.

Delivered – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘The Package’.

This trophy is story related.

Switch Off – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Lights Out’.

This trophy is story related.

Bridged Sides – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Hostile Takeover’.

This trophy is story related.

Target Acquired – Bronze

– Complete mission contract ‘Blood Money’.

This trophy is story related.

Resolution – Silver

– Complete all mission contracts.

This trophy is story related.

Above And Beyond – Gold

– Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty.

Veteran is the hardest difficulty in the game, but should not be too challenging. Complete all 9 contracts on this difficulty. Take cover and play stealthily with suppressed weapons. Make sure to buy armor, weapons, gadgets, and VAN-Guards to make this easier. Another thing to remember is that if you access a Blackjack shop it will save as a checkpoint. That can be very helpful during the final boss fight if you are having trouble with it.

Gone Dark – Silver

– Complete all Covert contracts.

Select a contract at the Select Contract screen and there will be a tab called Covert. Select that tab to see the Covert objectives for any mission. Complete these objectives in every mission to earn this trophy.

Clean House – Silver

– Complete all Demolition contracts.

Select a contract at the Select Contract screen and there will be a tab called Demolition. Select that tab to see the Demolition objectives for any mission. Complete these objectives in every mission to earn this trophy.

Perfect Execution – Silver

– Complete all Precision contracts.

Select a contract at the Select Contract screen and there will be a tab called Precision. Select that tab to see the Precision objectives for any mission. Complete these objectives in every mission to earn this trophy.

Dedicated To The Cause – Gold

– Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts.

This trophy will unlock after you have completed all objectives for the secondary contracts for each mission.

Fully Briefed – Silver

– Collect all intel items.

There are 54 intel items in the game, 6 in each of the 9 levels. You will have to interrogate enemy officers and hack terminals. You will  have to get to the next checkpoint for your intel to be saved. If you die after getting intel but before you get a checkpoint you will have to get the intel again. Credit and thanks to PowerPyx for the videos detailing the intel locations.

Firewall Down – Bronze

– Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes.

Do not select the wrong piece when performing a VAN-Guard hack. Basically you have to select orange slots to fit in the missing slots of the middle pieces. The game will teach you how to hack in mission one and that puzzle will be very easy to solve without making any mistakes.

Come In – Bronze

– Visit Blackjack’s Armory during a mission.

This trophy can be earned in mission one. Press Triangle on the blue colored box (the yellow circle on the radar).

Blackjack Armory

Deflector – Bronze

– Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer.

To counter a melee in multiplayer you have to quickly and successfully win the on screen swipe mini game when someone melees you.

Supply Chain – Bronze

– Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer.

When a VAN-Guard capsule lands go up to it and press Triangle. It will be a yellow dot on the radar. This will come over time as you are playing your 100 matches for the Centurion trophy.

Anti-Air – Bronze

– Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer.

There are 4 drones that can be shot down. They appear on the radar as red dots and you will be alerted when the enemy team calls one of them in. You can use any weapon to shoot them down.

  1. Sky Furies
  2. Vultures
  3. Arc Missiles
  4. Mantis Engines

Noob – Bronze

– Complete a Multiplayer game round.

Join and complete a match. It does not matter if you win or lose. You also do not have to be in the match from the very beginning, joining late and finishing will still get you this trophy.

Centurion – Silver

– Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds.

This trophy will come naturally over time. Just keep playing multiplayer, it does not matter if you win or lose the round.

Spangled – Bronze

– Recover after being tranquilized by an enemy in Multiplayer.

You will have to be shot by the M2 which is a tranquilizer and then recover which takes about 20 seconds. This can be a little hard because not many people use this weapon online.

Well-rounded – Bronze

– Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes.

This will also come naturally over time. Be on the winning team or the winner in every multiplayer mode. There are 3 different modes. Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone are team based games. Mercenary Warfare is a free for all deathmatch.

  1. Mercenary Warfare
  2. Guerrilla Warfare
  3. Warzone

Heads Up – Bronze

– Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule.

This can be earned in mission 3. At the end when you have to defend the panel a VAN-Guard capsule will be dropped in. It will land in the same place every time so if you miss getting crushed, die (to restart the checkpoint) and then stand underneath where it will land.

Redeemer – Bronze

– Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer.

An injured teammate is a green X on the radar. Run up to your teammate and press Triangle and then quickly and successfully win the swipe mini game. This will come over time as you are playing your 100 matches for the Centurion trophy.

Get Your Filthy Hands Off- Bronze

– Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer.

An enemy is interrogating a teammate when they are holding or standing hunched over them. You will have only a couple seconds to get the kill. This will come over time as you are playing your 100 matches for the Centurion trophy.

Is it Safe? – Bronze

– Interrogate an enemy.

Sneak up behind an enemy officer and press Triangle to interrogate them. Successfully complete the 3 swipe mini games to complete the interrogation. You will get this in mission one just after the wing-suit cutscene. There will be an officer with his back to you on the other side of the door that you have to go through.

Boom Headshot! – Bronze

– Achieve 1,000 headshots.

This trophy will come naturally over time as you play the game. Just aim at the head when you are in a fire fight. The headshots from single player and multiplayer are added together for this.

Cutting Edge – Bronze

– Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively.

This can be done in the single player campaign. Run up to an enemy and press Triangle to melee them. Do this to 12 enemies in a row to earn this trophy.

Marksman – Bronze

– Kill an enemy at long range.

The easiest area to unlock this trophy is at the very end of mission 3. After you defend the platform you have to climb up to a zipline. When you get to the zipline aim straight ahead and you should see a lone Helghast soldier. Kill him before you take the zipline.

Aces High – Bronze

– Attain an ace valor card ranking.

Every 24 hours you will be given a new valor card ranking when you start up the game. The ranking you get will depend on the amount of money you earn in the previous 24 hour period.

Full Deck – Silver

– Collect a full deck of Valor cards.

You will need to collect 52 unique valor cards to complete a deck. You get cards for completing contracts, picking them up after killing an enemy in multiplayer and collecting all intel. The cards will be random but you most likely get a full deck just by playing and going for the 100 multiplayer rounds and/or the 10,000 kills.

Millionaire – Silver

– Earn 1,000,000 Vektan dollars.

This will be yet another trophy you get over time just by playing and going for other more time consuming trophies. You get money for almost everything you do and the money you earn in single player is combined with the money you earn in multiplayer. You can keep track of how much money you have in the Career Data tab at the Main Menu.

Killing Machine – Bronze

– Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer.

This trophy will be a little hard as you have to kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in multiplayer. Pick the weapons, gadgets, and VAN-Guards that work best for you. Running around trying to get kills will most likely get you killed as the enemy spawn points are random so you be killed a lot from behind. If you can find an area to hide where you wont get killed from behind will really help. Also use silenced weapons so you don’t give yourself away on the radar.

Ghost – Bronze

– Brutal melee an enemy from behind while using the Ghost VAN-Guard.

First you must purchase the Ghost VAN-Guard. When you have it equipped activate it. While it is activated go behind an enemy and melee him.

Blood Bank – Bronze

– Kill 10,000 enemies.

This trophy will come over time. The single player and multiplayer kills both count toward this.

I Want That One – Bronze

– Make a purchase in Blackjack’s armory.

Everything you do in the game will earn money for you to spend. When you have enough visit Blackjack’s shop and buy something. It does not matter what you buy.

Preferred Customer – Bronze

– Buy everything in Blackjack’s armory.


  • Mercenary – $6,000
  • Blast – $6,000
  • Ballistic – $6,000
  • Infiltrator – $6,000
  • Supply – $6,000


  • STA-52SE – $9,000
  • STA-14 – $5,200
  • STA-3 – $8,500
  • M33 – $10,000
  • VC32 – $6,100
  • M42 – $5,200
  • VC39 – $15,000
  • M66 – $5,100
  • LS57 – $3,900
  • STA-11 – $6,000
  • STA-7 – $4,600


  • STA-18 – $4,000
  • M4 – $4,900
  • M2 – $9,500
  • Ls13 – $4,500
  • VC8 – $5,900
  • Ls18 – $6,000
  • STA-12 – $9,100
  • M80 – $9,400
  • M327 – $4,300
  • VC9 – $5,100
  • VC11 – $8,250


  • M194 Frag – $3,000
  • M133 Prox – $8,600
  • M98 Flash – $3,200
  • VC-G11 Gas – $6,600
  • STA-G2 Pyro – $3,500


  • Mantys Engine – $10,500
  • Porcupine – $15,000
  • Sky Fury – $16,000
  • Arc Missile – $8,000
  • Ghost – $12,500
  • Vultur – $7,500
  • X3-JMR – $7,500
  • Carapace – $9,000

Master At Arms – Bronze

– Use every weapon, grenade, armor and VAN-Guard available in Blackjack’s armory.

You will get this trophy after you buy everything. Equip each armor and get at least one kill with every weapon/grenade just to make sure you get credit for using everything.

Low Profile – Bronze

– Access the Security Center without triggering the alarm in ‘Justice For All’.

The area where this starts is right when you land from the air gliding cutscene. Use the Ghost VAN-Guard, silenced weapons and bring gas grenades. Listen to your partner as he will give you instructions on what to do or if an enemy is coming. Silently take out all of the enemies in the area and then plant the charges on the door. You will still be able to earn the trophy if the Helghast soldiers find a body. They will turn red on the radar but the alarm will not go off. The alarm goes off when a soldiers actually sees you.

Cross Examination – Bronze

– Interrogate the Captain in the Judge’s chamber and save his hostage in ‘Justice For All’

This trophy is  made easier with the Ghost VAN-Guard. The captain is located inside a room just after you rappel down into the courtroom. Open the door to your left, take out the two Helghast soldiers and the camera stealthily. Next you will have to hack the door to the room where the ISA soldier is being interrogated. Interrogate the officer when you enter the room.

Man Vs. Machine – Bronze

– Destroy the Helghast Tank without using a D-Charge in ‘Justice For All’.

Buy a rocket launcher from Blackjack and use it on the tank when it appears. The rocket launchers are under the secondary weapon slot in the Blackjack store.

Insertion Denied – Bronze

– Kill all troops before they rappel out of a dropship.

Toward the end of mission 3 press Triangle on the VAN-Guard and then tap the rocket symbol on the left of the screen. As soon as the dropship shows up keep tapping the red circle on it until it explodes.

Collateral Considered – Bronze

– Complete ‘The Package’ without any civilian casualties.

Civilians are marked on the radar as white triangles. When you  get into a firefight the civilians will run and should stay out of the crossfire. The first civilian you come across will have to be saved from the Helghast soldier who is about to  execute him. If a civilian dies you will be notified and you will lose money.

Beachcomber – Bronze

– Destroy all barnacles in ‘The Package’.

There are 14 of these that you need to destroy. They are all located at the very beginning of The Package. There is a tricky one that is to your left right as you get off the boat. The others are not hard to find. Use grenades and rockets to destroy them while they are closed. Guns can only destroy them when they open up.


No Way Home – Bronze

– Destroy the Helghast extraction dropship in ‘Lights Out’.

Instead of boarding the Helghast dropship at the end of Lights Out, destroy it. The Porcupine VAN-Guard makes this very easy.

Executioner – Bronze

– Enure Dr. Savic dies in ‘Hostile Takeover’.

After Savic gives you the information during the cutscene right after you save him, he will sit down on the ground. Shoot him when he sits down.

Reprieve – Bronze

– Ensure Dr. Savic lives in ‘Hostile Takeover’.

After the cutscene with Savic giving you information simply leave and carry on the mission without killing him.

Freshly Baked – Bronze

– Burn an enemy in the Lab 01 incinerator in ‘Blood Money’.

In mission 8 when you enter Lab 01, you will see an ISA soldier walking a Helghast scientist into the incinerator. Fight and stay alive until one of the enemies takes cover against a wall inside the incinerator. Run up to the green panel and press Triangle to burn them.

Just To Be Sure – Bronze

– Lock the Admiral in the Vault and detonate the demolition charges in ‘Blood Money’.

When the Admiral and the soldiers come to attack you in the vault, just run past her out the door, press Triangle on the console to close the door and then detonate the explosives.

Up Close And Personal – Bronze

– In ‘Exit Wounds, successfully melee Benoit from behind.

After Benoit lands hide behind a wall and equip the Ghost VAN-Guard, get around him and melee him from behind.

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions regarding this guide or would like to provide some tips feel free to contact me on Twitter @9Richard19, as well as in the comments below.