Warframe’s PS4 DualShock 4 and Light Bar Features Detailed, F2P Model Explained

Launching alongside the PlayStation 4 this November, Warframe from Digital Extremes is simply described by Pat Kudrika, Associate Producer, as “space ninjas.”

Actually, it’s a F2P third-person shooter with space ninjas that has a “huge focus” on co-op, and Pat told the PS Blog how Warframe will take advantage of the PS4’s DualShock 4 and Light Bar:

Upon entering a mission, the mysterious Lotus will brief you and your fellow Tenno through the speaker on the DualShock 4 controller, and update you as the mission goes on.

If your Warframe takes shield damage, the light bar will flicker blue and green and, once depleted, a red flicker of the light bar will indicate that your Warframe is losing health, so you better call for back-up from your co-op partners.

On top of that, each of the Warframe’s unique powers are mapped to the DualShock 4′s touch pad. If the player has enough energy available, a simple up, down, left, or right gesture on the touch pad will cast the Warframe’s special powers. This actually has been received quite well when focus testing, but there’s definitely more work to do on our end to ensure the feature is flawless.

On average, you can expect to take about 10 hours to max out your selected Warframe, with all items (Warframe, Sentinel, primary, secondary, or melee weapon) earning XP individually, and because they add new weapons and Mods for customization, you’ll always have something to keep you going.

Speaking of that new content, Digital Extremes updates Warframe every 1-2 weeks with new weapons and host weekend events, while large updates every 6-8 weeks add new Warframe, enemy types, boss battles, art sets, narrative, game modes, and more.

As a free-to-play title, you might expect that it’s a pay-to-win type experience, but as Pat tells it, “Players can collect blueprints and materials in game, take them to the foundry, and build new Warframes, weapons, and beyond. Every single item in game can be crafted this way, so nothing is behind a pay wall. If you’re a player with lots of time on his/her hands to play Warframe, you can collect all of the necessary materials to build up your arsenal. If you’re a weekend warrior and can’t invest as much time into Warframe, you can simply purchase items via microtransactions. This truly makes us a free-to-play title.”

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