Beyond: Two Souls has a Reported Production Budget of €20 Million, Is “The Most Ambitious Title” by Quantic Dream

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Beyond: Two Souls releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and if a report from French site Le Figaro is correct, the game had a production budget of €20 million ($27 million US).

If this is correct, it would be slightly behind the €22 million that Heavy Rain cost to produce, but when marketing and distribution was added to the cost of Heavy Rain, it reached €40 million. After spending all that, it ended up making €100 million, sold over 3 million copies, and had 3% of people reach the Platinum.

As part of a Beyond The Game panel discussion earlier today (via @PlayStationAU), David Cage talked a little bit about the game:

  • Beyond: Two Souls is by far the most ambitious title developed by Quantic Dream.”
  • “This game is about different themes than you normally find in a video game.”
  • “I’m interested in all the other emotions you find in other mediums, but not video games, yet.”
  • “Developing this game has been an adventure in itself.”
  • Beyond: Two Souls took over a year to write, with the script over 2,000 pages.

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