Destiny of Spirits PS Vita Closed Beta Runs From October 24th – 31st, Check Out a New Video

You may remember a free-to-play PlayStation Vita game by the name of Destiny of Spirits being announced a few months back. Well, Sony will be giving you the chance to play it very soon as a Closed Beta will run from October 24th – 31st, with participants in North America being randomly selected, while those in Europe who want to participate will need to be PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Here’s a short video showing off some Destiny of Spirits gameplay:

As well, summoning, merging, and renting supporter spirits was detailed:

Spirit Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs

This world contains three types of magical substances to earn and collect: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs.

  • Spirit Points – Mainly used to merge and rent Spirits from other Spirit Masters around the world.
  • Summoning Stones – Mainly used to summon Spirits to add to your collection.
  • Destiny Orbs – The most powerful magical substance in this world, and they aren’t easy to come by. You can obtain powerful Spirits by using Destiny Orbs for Advanced Summoning and Limited-Time Summoning opportunities. They can also be used to restore the HP of your Spirits, bring defeated Spirits back into the battle, and control time.

Summoning Spirits

If you feel your Spirit collection doesn’t seem quite strong enough, try summoning a new Spirit! You can summon Spirits using Destiny Orbs and Summoning Stones and gather more allies. Summoned Spirits are added to your Spirit Collection and can be added to your party at any time.

Merging Spirits

You can merge Spirits to increase their experience points and level them up. First, select the Spirit that you want to enhance, then set the enhancer Spirits. You can select up to five enhancer Spirits. Please note that enhancer Spirits are absorbed by the base Spirit and disappear, so please choose enhancer Spirits carefully. After the merge, your Spirit will level up and become stronger. Keep merging Spirits to make them even stronger!

Renting Supporter Spirits

A supporter is a Spirit that you borrow from another Spirit Master. By borrowing a supporter, you can bring a powerful Spirit into battle. And if that Spirit belongs to a friend, you can reap the benefits of the Spirit’s support skill.

Expect more information regarding Destiny of Spirits and the Closed Beta to arrive later this month.

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