Ken Levine Explains the Gameplay, Protagonist You Can Expect With BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode One

Warning: MAJOR BioShock Infinite spoilers ahead.

Seriously, stop reading if you haven’t fully beaten BioShock Infinite.

Last warning!

With the release of Burial at Sea Episode One for BioShock Infinite happening very soon, and Elizabeth getting the starring role this time, there’s questions as to which Elizabeth you’d be playing as, considering the ending of BioShock Infinite that included ‘infinite’ Elizabeths.

As part of a press event recently, Ken Levine told Destructoid exactly which Elizabeth you’ll be getting in the new DLC:

This is ‘Elizabeth prime,’ this is the Elizabeth that went through the experiences in BioShock Infinite and this is the Rapture from BioShock. We’re not splintering that.

When it comes to the gameplay you can expect while controlling Elizabeth, Levine says that “It’s probably even more resource management intensive and stealth oriented. Elizabeth is a different person, she’s not a “guns blazing” person.” Ken added, “Without going into too much detail, it’s the world through her eyes. Each game (BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea: Episode 1) are bespoke experiences, we’re working on game experience stuff that varies from each of them.”

When Irrational finally announces a release date for Burial at Sea Episode One, we’ll let you know all about about it.

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