Guerrilla Games Talks Revamping the Killzone Universe With Shadow Fall, Killzone 3’s Unanswered Questions

Warning: Killzone 3 Spoiler Ahead

With Killzone: Shadow Fall, the PS4 launch title, set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, it appeared as though Guerrilla Games would be answering the questions left at the end of Killzone 3 with this new entry into the series.

As Lead Designer Eric Boltjes explained to OPM though, Shadow Fall won’t “directly” be answering the questions leftover, and when it comes to whether or not we’ll find out who was in the pod at the end he said, “No, to be blunt.  Basically it’s the same universe, it’s the same world but it’s 30 years on. It’s different characters, different pasts, a fresh world.”

In having so much changed with the upcoming title, Eric was asked if it was a conscious decision on the part of Guerrilla Games to do a reboot:

Yes. Reboot is a big word but we did want to have a fresh wind blowing into both the gameplay, the story. Even the graphics. We felt, being on a next-gen platform we had a chance to do so, revamp the Killzone universe and do something different.

Boltjes continued on by discussing their reasoning for returning to Vekta:

Going back to Vekta was a conscious decision because it give us a larger spectrum of types of environments we wanted to do. We wanted to do city environments, but we also wanted to do more lush nature environments. It doesn’t mean we might not visit the old worlds though. We’ll see.

But with a fresh new look on gameplay and how we wanted to approach Killzone we also said, ‘You know, Killzone is known for its gritty, heavy feel. Lets shake that up a little bit: let’s make it really pretty. Lets see what we can do with a beautiful, pristine world and then break it’. See what what comes out there.

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