Battlefield Will be Getting Playable Female Characters in Multiplayer, “But we Don’t Know When we can do That”

With the Call of Duty franchise introducing playable female characters with Ghosts’ multiplayer, the focus now shifts to EA and whether they’ll be doing the same thing with their Battlefield franchise, something DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach talked about with OXM:

Yes, but we don’t know when we can do that. We have been talking about it quite a lot. We’ve been looking at how much it’s worth, compared to how much we’d have to sacrifice.

Bach added:

Because it’s quite complicated, It’s not just [creating] the actual character models, it’s all the voice-over work. We have hundreds of thousands of lines that would need to be duplicated, because even now we’re cheating quite a lot – we have random male voices, and then you have to multiply that by two. If we do it, we’ll do it right, not just to tick a box or something.

Battlefield 4 releases the week of October 29th for the PS3, while the PS4 version will be available on November 12th/29th.

Do you think DICE will introduce female characters into Battlefield 4 with DLC? Or will they wait until Battlefield 5? Let us know in the comments below.