Shuhei: Red & Blue DualShock 4 Controllers Releasing in US and Canada “Soon,” Not Before November 15th Though

With the news that stores in Canada are now selling DualShock 4 controllers (it doesn’t seem to have a street date, so US retailers should be getting them and selling them soon), people wanted to know the status of the Magma Red and Wave Blue DualShock 4s, which still aren’t dated in the United States and Canada.

Shuhei Yoshida was quick to respond to these questions, letting people know that they will be releasing “soon,” but not before the PS4 launch on November 15th. Seeing as how the Red/Blue DS4s are confirmed for November 29th in Europe, it’s possible Sony is holding them back in the US/Canada until then to prevent importing. Whatever happens, we’ll let you know as soon as Sony gives a date for the controllers.

When it comes to which game Shuhei suggests you buy at PS4 launch, he named Killzone: Shadow Fall, and then he suggested someone gets both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack to fill the emptiness left by Watch Dogs.

Also, on the subject of standing your PS4 up vertically, Shuhei only recommends you do it with the stand (sold separately), rather than on its own.

Are you going to wait for the Red/Blue controllers, or just buy your second DualShock 4 before November 15th? Let us know in the comments below.