Shuhei on PS4: You Can Download a Game While Playing Another, 1.50 System Update Won’t be Included on Game Discs

Although it’s been done in the past with other games and other systems, the 1.50 PS4 system update won’t come on the Knack or Killzone: Shadow Fall disc and you will need to download it online on day 1. On that same note, and as pointed out in the original 1.50 info post, the ability to watch DVDs or Blu-ray movies on your PS4 does require you to connect to the internet that one time and get the update.

Talking about the 300MB 1.50 system update further, Shuhei said it is “not that large compared to games” and you can download it in the background when playing a game. I personally think Shuhei shouldn’t have said this next part just in case, but he did reply “no” when asked if the servers would crash with everyone trying to download the 1.5 system update. Hopefully he’s right.

Finally, with the PS4 able to do remote downloads and background downloads upon launch, Shuhei elaborated that you’ll also be able to download a game while playing another.

How long do you expect 1.50 to take before it’s fully downloaded and installed on your PS4? Let us know in the comments below.