PS4 Systems Arriving to Retail Stores, Check out the Box Inside

November 6, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Ahead of the November 15th release date next week in the US and Canada, retail stores are beginning to receive their PS4 stock right now, with Reddit users posting these pictures of a PS4 in a store’s warehouse:

ps4retailbox2 ps4retailbox1

Meanwhile, a user on RedFlagDeals (via GameTrailers) has apparently played with a PS4 and they posted their impressions so far:

UI is VERY SMOOTH even on FW v1.00.

Responsive just like the old XMB but faster.

Game loading is a bit slow the first time you load a new game… After installing data in the background, game loads up much faster initially and between levels… (Killzone SF installs almost all the game data on the PS4 HDD, but it does it in the background while the game is running. The initial background installation while running Killzone does have some slight slowdowns here and there on, but nothing too bothersome.)

*** I am thinking of trying to install a SSD on my PS4 to speed up the loading times even more… I will wait until v1.50 update is installed…

DualShock 4 charging while the system is off is working on FW v1.00

As well, another user gave out details of the PS4 after an unboxing:

No, there will definitely be a box outside of the box…

I unboxed the PS4 earlier today, and inside the actual PS4 console does NOT have ANY of those cardboard pads that they had with the PS3, instead just thin paper cardboard holding it in place.

At least inside the PS4 box, all the accessories are nicely divided.

It is literally the console wrapped with a thin layer of clear plastic that is streamlined fitted in the slim box. Also the cardboard used for the PS4 box is thinner than my PS3 Slim 160GB box.

The shippers have to box the console box before shipping to avoid damage as there is almost no padding inside the PS4 box.

What do you think of the final retail box for the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.