NBA 2K14: PS4 Exclusives & 50GB Install Revealed, 2K Thinks it “Will Warrant Some GOTY Consideration” on Next-Gen

When NBA 2K14, the only basketball game available at PS4 launch (NBA Live 14 is out November 19th), releases next week, it will have some PS4 exclusives and take up 50GB on your HDD, as revealed by the back of the box art (via Press-Start):

Exclusively on PS4 – Black Ice Jewelry and PlayStation gear in the VC Store, and a PlayStation court in The Park.


2K has also unveiled the Eco-Motion trailer for PS4, along with a video showing off MyNBA2K14, a free companion app:

As well, 2K Games Senior Community Manager Ronnie Singh talked about NBA 2K14 and revealed how he believes it will be in consideration for next-gen Game of the Year, after being asked what the PS4/Xbox One differences might be:

The PlayStation 4 is extremely fun to play on in my opinion, but we are building it to get the most on both consoles.

Thank you, I really do believe our incredible dev team deserves accolades for building a title that is so amazing on the two generations of consoles. I think we will warrant some GOTY consideration for our NextGen offering.

You can expect to hear all about MyPlayer and MyCareer next week, so stay tuned.

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