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More PS4 Bundles In Stock Tonight On Amazon, But There Is a Fiery Catch

November 14, 2013Written by Sir Deals-a-Lot


It’s too late to pre-order a PS4 at this point, so you have only two options left: wait in lines in hopes of getting one at a retailer in the morning, or buy a PS4 bundle off Amazon tonight at midnight. This may not seem like an option given the fact that Sony has been listing PS4s as unavailable for months since pre-orders ran out. However, Amazon has notified PSLS that at 12:01AM tonight/tomorrow, they’ll be releasing an Amazon-exclusive PS4 Kindle Fire HDX 7″ bundle.

Totally odd combo for a PS4 bundle, but it does come with a savings of $30 when the PS4 and Kindle Fire HDX 7″ are combined, and the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ does make for a good Christmas gift. If you’re hard-pressed to find a PS4, remember that this is indeed an option. You can view the PS4 Kindle Fire HDX 7″ bundle here.

Don’t forget, while you’re at Amazon, make sure to check out their new PlayStation Network Store.

Is this something you’d consider picking up? Or will you try your chances in stores?