Pinball Arcade Releases for PS4 This Week in North America and Europe


Giving us a few more details about the game that was confirmed for PS4 release back on Thursday, Pinball Arcade will be available for download to your PS4 on December 17th in North America and December 18th in Europe, with select retailers getting a retail version of the game this week. As an added bonus, those in North America get the Tales of the Arabian Nights table for free.

With Pinball Arcade on PS4, it will launch with all the Season One content, meaning that over 20 tables will be available for purchase. If you happen to own all of the Season One tables on PS3 or PS Vita, you can buy either of the Season One packs for 50% off. For PlayStation Plus members in North America and Europe, you can get 10% off the Season Packs for the next two weeks (they look to be regular priced at $29.99/£23.99, $39.99/£31.99).

Also, while the PS3 and PS Vita versions won't be getting the patch until January, the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade includes fixes and improvements to the engine and each table right off the bat.

Will you be playing Pinball Arcade on your PS4 this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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