Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Thinks Sony Has “Done a Nice Job in How They Defined the PS4,” Praises Their Focus on New Things

2013 was an interesting year in the Microsoft vs. Sony battle, with Sony having to come out and say that they wouldn’t be changing any of their policies on PS4, which was a reaction to all of the Xbox One DRM Microsoft had originally planned on using for their new console. Shortly after, Andrew House said, “I think there is a huge benefit for the industry overall in having two platforms launch very close together.”

Now, in a feature by OXM, Microsoft Studios Corporate VP Phil Spencer took some time to praise Sony on their approach and handling of first-party content, as well as their PS4 marketing:

Sony – and I’m focused on first-party because of what I do – I really respect their focus on investing in new things and creative things, what they’ve done with David Cage and Quantic Dream around Beyond [Two Souls] and Heavy Rain; they stay committed to franchises even if they don’t sell 10 million units, they’ll stay committed to things.

I think that long-term commitment to franchises is important, where it’s easy to pull off the Band-Aid and move onto the next thing [if it doesn’t sell]. I respect their ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. I’ll say, they’ve done a nice job with PS4… When I think about their announcement, their clear focus on a customer, leading with the value proposition of what they’re trying to do, staying true to a vision, I think they’ve done a nice job in how they defined the PS4.

Do you think we’ve entered into a new era of niceties between Sony and Microsoft? Or is this just a brief break in the action? Let us know what you think in the comments below.