Sony Wants PlayStation Now Games to be “as Diverse as Possible,” PS3 Content from 2006-09 Mentioned

January 9, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Past saying we’ll be able to “stream popular hits and classic games,” Sony hasn’t given out any information on exactly which PlayStation 3 games will be available for PlayStation Now during the beta later this month, and when the full service arrives in the summer (the four games at CES are classified as tech demos).

Giving us some hints as to which PS3 games will be on PS Now, SCEA’s VP of Marketing for Consoles and Handhelds John Koller told CVG the following:

Andy House mentioned this morning PS3 first, and then PS1, PS2 and PS4 to come later. So over time… what we’re going to do is we have a beta coming in a couple of weeks; we’re going to look at how PS3 works best. And PS3 will be the tip of the spear. We’ll see how it scales, the business model, all those things. We have other territories to launch in over time. And then we’ll start looking at how we can piece together other content.

PS3’s great because it’s current still. There’s a lot of content from 2006-09 that has fallen out of retail and fallen out of people’s heads, but they’re great experiences. It brings that world to the PS4 consumer as well as PS3 and Vita and others. So it’s the best way to launch. And we’ll bring in other content as we go along.

Pointing towards the fact that Sony hasn’t revealed how quickly PS3 games will release on PS Now, Koller believes “the segment that’ll come in will be very active in action, shooter, sports… those types of genres that we’ve seen at the launch of the PS4. So we’ll test and see how that works, but we want to be as diverse as possible.” Ultimately, their goal “is to bring as many of those PS3 games in as possible.”

It won’t just be Sony-published titles on PlayStation Now either, with Koller saying games from first and third party studios will be made available, but “there’s a lot of testing still to be done” before they can know more.

Which PS3 games from between 2006 and 2009 would you like to see on PlayStation Now? Heavenly Sword and Folklore? Let us know in the comments below.