Sony on PlayStation Now: 5Mbps “Not a Floor”; Launching in US & Canada This Summer

So far with PlayStation Now, some things we’ve learned are that 5Mbps is what Sony recommends for the service, and it will be initially made available in the US this summer (with a beta this month).

Following the PlayStation Now announcement last week, IGN caught up with SCEA’s John Koller, where he confirmed that 5Mbps isn’t the floor for PS Now, Canada will be getting PS Now this summer as well, and more:

So, to put a finer point [on the topic of 5Mbps]: Recommended rate is 5Mbps. That’s not a floor, that’s just our recommendation to get the kind of low latency experience you guys are getting to experience here today [at CES 2014].

In terms of scale, we have viewed the US as a priority market for gaming overall for some time, and I think you saw that – we launched PS4 here first and that was really an indication of the fact that we think this is very important.

US and Canada, we’ll launch PlayStation Now first – we talked about summer.

And then we want to look at to other territories. So we’ll scale it from where we are here, and then see where that goes across the world. But really, making it work here, seeing the consumer acceptance… and then [we’ll] look at how that scales over time to other countries.

Koller also mentioned later in the interview, “There’s a lot of efforts within the PlayStation offices across the world to make [PlayStation Now] a very successful reality.”

So, while we don’t know if Canada is also getting the beta this month, at least PlayStation Now is arriving there this summer.