Sucker Punch Hiring for “Upcoming (and Unannounced) Project”

February 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With development for inFamous: Second Son nearing its conclusion ahead of the game’s release date on March 21st in North America and Europe, Sucker Punch is already looking forward to what’s next for the studio.

Back on January 29th, Sucker Punch added three new job openings (via Push Square) for a Gameplay Programmer, Senior Programmer, and Rendering Programmer/Graphics Engineer on an upcoming and unannounced project:

Sucker Punch Productions is looking for focused, collaborative, professional engineers to implement game play features for our upcoming (and unannounced) project. We’re looking for bright, energetic, and talented individuals who share our love of video games and our passion for creating innovative and fun experiences.

There isn’t really any indications of what the project is in the job listings, but if you recall, Nate Fox did seem to almost let slip the existence of inFamous coming to PlayStation Vita in an interview back at gamescom. While there’s now way of knowing if that’s what it is, inFamous Vita is about the only guess we can muster at this time.

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