The Order: 1886 Won’t Have Multiplayer: “Better to do One Thing Well Than a Whole Bunch Half-Assed”

We were given some new details about The Order: 1886 yesterday when we learned that the game would be running at 30fps, and Ready at Dawn Founder and CTO Andrea Pessino talked some more about the game on Twitter, including its lack of multiplayer:

Correct. No multiplayer, it is a single player, third-person action adventure game.

After someone replied to him by saying that they’d have to spend $60 on a game with 6-10 hours of gameplay, Pessino said, “Better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed. We are trying to make a [single player] experience you will enjoy.”

Elsewhere, Pessino joked that he’s “getting a bit freaked out by the INSANE level of hype surrounding our game. Sorry, it’s just a game, not a turning point for humanity,” while also posting these pictures of Ready at Dawn:

Would an awesome single player experience make up for the lack of multiplayer in your eyes? Let us know in the comments below.