Rayman Legends on PS4 Doesn’t Have a PS3 Upgrade Program or Snoop Lion

It’s okay to admit that you forgot Rayman Legends was releasing for the PS4 and Xbox One next week in North America on February 18th, with a European/UK release date of February 20th/21st. To give you some more details about the impending new-gen release of the game, Senior Game Designer, Emile Morel, answered fan questions about the game on PS4 (via PS Blog).

Perhaps the biggest answer Emile gave about Rayman Legends on PS4 was that “an upgrade program will not be available” for anyone who currently owns the PS3 version. This means that, even if you bought Rayman Legends on PS3, you still have to pay full price for the game on PS4.

Even with Rayman Legends for PS4 supporting Remote Play via the PlayStation Vita, Morel confirmed, “You cannot control Murfy in touch mode on the PS Vita, because even in Remote Play mode you will continue to play the same version of the game when you use the PS4 joystick. The Murfy levels on PS4 have been designed to be played with a classic character, such as Rayman or Globox, for example. So, in using your PS Vita in Remote Play mode, you will find the originality and specificity of this PS4 version.”

A few other answers from Morel reflect that online challenges and rankings between the PS3 and PS4 versions will be separated so new PS4 owners don’t have to face experienced PS3 players, and most importantly, Snoop Dogg/Lion won’t actually be a playable character in the game, despite him promotion of the title. Apparently Lion just appeared in the trailer “as a little joke.”

You can check out what makes the PS4 version of Rayman Legends different by heading here, or reading the highlights below:

  • Textures are more compressed, making the graphics clearer and more detailed.
  • No loading time when you enter or exit a level.
  • The new Camera Mode allows you to push the DualShock 4’s touch pad, pause the game, and then zoom in and out of the image on the screen, which you can then Share.
  • The touch pad can also be used to scratch the Lucky Tickets, with the sound of scraping coming through the DualShock 4’s speaker.
  • New playable characters in the PS4 version include Assassin Ray, Funky Ray (unlocked by using Uplay points), and Champion Ray (unlocked by being one of the best players in the community).

For the future of the Rayman franchise, Emile was extremely vague and only said, “It is very possible that Rayman will be in 3D again one day. After all, the series began in 2D, and then the games were made in 3D, and finally went back to 2D with recent titles – this is a story cycle and I think that all forms are possible in the future of the series!”

Are you planning on getting Rayman Legends for PS4?