Bound by Flame Gets a PS4 Gameplay Trailer; Game Releases on PS4 & PS3 in Q2 2014

Bound by Flame, developed by Spiders Studio (Mars: War Logs), is an action-RPG set to release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Q2 2014.

To find out what Bound by Flame is all about, check out this PS4 reveal trailer, which includes details on the story and characters, while also showing off how the game looks in action:

If you’d prefer to learn about Bound by Flame in written form, Spiders Studio Producer Walid Miled gave an overview of the game:

Bound by Flame is an action/RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. In this world, evil wizards, the 7 Icelords, have taken over the world, raising an army of undead and wiping all the livings. Your character is named Vulcan (you’ll be able to choose between a man and a female and customise your appearance), a mercenary and an explosives expert – a very unlucky one I might add – who has been possessed by a very powerful fire demon.

Another part of Bound by Flame is “breaking attacks” where you can “break an enemy’s attack if you have enough breaking power or he can break yours if you don’t have enough breaking resistance.” There’s also resistances, every enemy has their own specific attacks, multiple companions, an in-depth upgrade and customization system, and different fighting styles, which Miled explained further:

I said that I liked hammers, but I also like the other combat stances, and especially the two daggers fighting style. It’s a high speed, high DPS fighting style perfectly suited for my advanced hit and run techniques (especially the running part). Did I mention that you can dodge in this fighting style? If you get the timing right you can turn your character into a blur that’s impossible to hit. The two daggers are a little less efficient against some heavier enemies though, but when I stumble on one of these guys, I just switch back to my hammer, simple and easy.

Check back with PSLS for the new video showcasing Bound by Flame’s dynamic combat later. After watching the video, is Bound by Flame on your radar?