Sony: “We’ve Sold Every PS4 Available in the US” Since Launch on November 15th

February 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

PS4 and Controller

With Sony not giving out an updated worldwide PS4 sales number since that 4.2 million back in January, and the system dominating last month in the US, we can assume the number has seen a considerable rise since then.

I’m guessing we won’t get our next PS4 sales number update until after it launches in Japan on February 22nd, but to give us some data about the PS4 in the United States so far, SCEA Marketing VP John Koller told the PS Blog:

Since we launched on November 15th, we’ve sold every PS4 available in the US. It’s clear that PS4 is seeing strong appeal all over the world, and we’ll continue doing our best to provide additional inventory in all of the 53 countries where PS4 is available. We’ve got supply refreshing throughout the channel regularly, so I encourage everyone to check in with their local retailers regularly.

Koller also reiterated a bunch of points about the PS4 revealed earlier this week, including how PS+ memberships have risen 90% since PS4 launch, there’s been a total of 172 million hours of online play, more than 90% of PS4 owners in the US are connected to the internet, there’s been 1.7 million gameplay broadcasts on Twitch and Ustream globally, and over 48 million ‘shares’ have been captured globally.

Looking at the future of the PS4, Koller remained vague when asked about improvements to the post-production of PS4 Share videos by saying, “We’re just scratching the surface of the potential of PS4. We know that there’s a lot we can do to expand the available toolset for editing, but I don’t have anything specific to announce right now. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the system and are seriously evaluating various areas of enhancement for PS4.”

As for the next PS4 firmware update, presumably 1.61, Koller had “nothing to share for now, but I can say that we are listening carefully to feedback from our fans.”