Druckmann Would Like to see The Last of Us Story Involving Ellie’s Mom ‘Maybe as DLC or a Comic’

February 25, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


From an interview between Neil Druckmann and Wired last week (before the big Druckmann and Straley AMA), The Last of Us Creative Director gave hope that, even if there isn’t a sequel to The Last of Us, there may be more stories to tell either through DLC or comics.

One of these stories has to with Ellie’s mom. Druckmann revealed in the interview that he has the script written for an animated short they were going to do about Ellie’s mom, “but it fell through.” He’d still like to see that story revealed one day, “maybe as a DLC or a comic book.”

While Druckmann gave The Last of Us 2 a 50/50 shot during the AMA, he took the time to explain how they’ll be using the next several weeks to decide if the team wants to create a new IP, or if they can come up with a good idea for a sequel:

We’re brainstorming the next project right now; some of the ideas are sequel ideas and some are brand-new IP. We’re just trying to see where our passions lie. Is there more to do here [in The Last of Us] both on a mechanical level or a narrative level, so we’re not repeating ourselves? Or is it this a good point to say goodbye to the characters in this world?

It’s a very heavy decision, because whichever direction we go in commits us for the next three to four years. So we’re going to take several weeks to make that decision. Even if we do go to new IP, I’d still like an opportunity to revisit these characters and I’d love to have [Artist Faith Erin Hicks] come back and work with her again.

Would you be okay if more stories from the world of The Last of Us were told in comic form? Let us know in the comments below.