Sony Expects inFamous: Second Son “To be the Biggest” in the Series

March 7, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


While it doesn’t quite give us an idea of how well it’s performing in other parts of the world, SCE UK Product Manager Josh Walker confirmed to MCV that pre-orders for inFamous: Second Son are currently ahead of The Last of Us in the UK.

With the install base of the PS4 at just over 6 million, it’s unlikely Second Son will post better numbers than The Last of Us’ 3.4 million in under 3 weeks worldwide, but Walker did say, “We have high expectations for inFamous: Second Son,” with Sony believing it will be bigger than inFamous 1 and 2:

We can already see it benefiting from the goodwill, and of buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4, and expect Second Son to be the biggest game in the inFamous series to date.

Do you believe inFamous: Second Son has the potential to be the biggest game in inFamous series when it launches on March 21st in North America and Europe? Let us know in the comments below.