LEGO Video Game Franchise has Moved Over 1.6 Million Copies in the UK Since 2013

Continually plugging up the top 40 selling games in the UK each week, the LEGO series of video games has produced success after success, with Spencer Crossley, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Sales and Marketing Director for the UK, revealing to MCV just how popular the franchise is:

Since the start of 2013, WBIE has sold 1.6 million LEGO games. LEGO is currently the second biggest game franchise in 2014 year-to-date, in terms of units sold, with 420,200 units. Another strong week could see the LEGO game franchise take the number one franchise spot.

The evergreen appeal of LEGO games combined with franchises such as Batman, DC, Marvel, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings continues to appeal to an incredibly wide demographic, regardless of age, gender or casual/core. The formula of colorful characters and graphics, humor, and drop in/drop out gameplay is improved for every new release, resulting in an almost cult-like following for the franchise.

They also completely buck the sales trend with a huge shelf life, right into deep catalog. LEGO games are no longer seen as kids products and we ensure they’re available on all platforms, both physically and digitally.

Crossley then added how “LEGO is the second biggest toy company and the ninth biggest video games franchise in the world, so there is good room for more growth in our sector,” with MCV noting that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sold 509,600 copies in 2013, becoming the 7th best-selling game of the year.

As for the most recent LEGO title, The LEGO Movie Videogame, it moved 42,900 units in its first week on the market.

Looking at WBIE as a whole, Crossley says, “2014 is already looking to be bigger and better, with WBIE already having the highest number of titles in the All-Format Top 40 chart and tracking an impressive 136.6% year-on-year for volume and 219.1% for value, year-to-date.”

For the future of the LEGO games, we have LEGO The Hobbit in April.

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