Rogue Legacy’s PlayStation Release Date Aiming for Late Summer 2014

At GDC this week, some more news about Rogue Legacy came to light, including how the title is slated for release on PlayStation around “late Summer.”

In an interview with Digital Spy, Designer Kenny Lee also said, “We wanted to add content, but honestly the timeline that we’ve been given is making it really hard. That’s unfortunately a last minute priority.” Despite not having any new content, there will be some “touch stuff” on the PlayStation Vita, but they don’t have any details about it yet, as Lee explained:

We still have to go through it – we’re not at that point. There’s a lot of stuff Sony requires, so we’ll have that stuff in there. We’re not there in the porting process yet – they’re still getting the engine fully working.

Although Rogue Legacy seemed like it was only coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, when the subject of Cross Buy came up, Lee seemed to confirm that there’s a PS3 version on the way, but a traditional Cross Buy isn’t likely:

Because our game was made in XNA and [another studio is] porting it, it’s not like we made the PS4 version, so now the PS3 and PS Vita are zero dollars, they’re all actually really, really expensive.

We’re looking into it. We might do Cross Buy, but I think we’re going to do, if you buy a version for $15, we’ll get you Cross Buy for $20. But it’s not like a zero dollar thing.

Previously released on PC, Cellar Door Games’ Teddy and Kenny Lee revealed (via Polygon) that Rogue Legacy was made for only $14,878 on PC, sold 100,000 copies in its first week, and the development costs were recouped within just a few hours after going on sale.

When Rogue Legacy does release on PlayStation, it will include all the features of the most recent PC version, as well as better bug fixes.

If you’ve never seen Rogue Legacy before, here’s the PC launch trailer:

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