Walmart Will Accept Video Game Trade-Ins Starting on March 26th in the US

Not wanting to let other retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon have all the fun, Walmart has decided to enter the $2 billion pre-owned video game business.

Walmart will allow for trade-ins to Walmart employees starting today, with official trade-ins to customers beginning on March 26th at over 3,100 stores. Then, in the Summer, Walmart will be reselling the used games in stores and online, calling them “Certified Pre-Owned”.

Walmart made sure to note that “new releases will still remain the focus of our business,” but when it comes to trading in games for a Walmart gift card (which can be used to buy anything in stores and online), their strategy is “to pay more for used games, sell new and used games for less, and give our customers the flexibility to spend their money how they want.” They also added, “When we disrupt markets and compete, our customer wins.”

Want to see how much your game is worth at Walmart? Follow this link.

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