Report: Assassin’s Creed: Unity Out This Fall for PS4 & Xbox One

With Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag having been announced on February 28th, 2013 (and fully detailed a few days later), it has seemed odd that we haven’t heard anything official about this year’s Assassin’s Creed title, of which there are rumored to be two of.

Well, it looks like a leak has sprung, as Kotaku has obtained some screenshots of Assassin’s Creed: Unity from an anonymous source, with the site stating that Unity will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Then, an Assassin’s Creed title for PS3 and Xbox 360, possibly called Comet, will also be released this year.

Here’s the screenshots showing off an early build of the game, which appears to be set in 18th-century Paris:

Ubisoft declined to comment on the Assassin’s Creed: Unity rumor, but an official reveal probably isn’t too far off, so stay tuned for more information about this year’s Assassin’s Creed title(s) as it arrives.