Sacred 3 on PS3 Gets a Release Date, Gameplay Trailer

March 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Today, Deep Silver announced that Sacred 3 would make its way to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 26th in North America and August 29th in Europe. Judging from this Amazon listing, it will cost $49.99 when it’s released.

To get a look at the gameplay of Sacred 3, check out this new trailer:

Including drop-in/drop-out multiplayer for two players to fight in co-op offline, and up to four players online over PlayStation Network, you can play as one of up to five characters from the different cultures of Ancaria: Safiri, Khukuri, Seraphim, Ancarian, and the Malakhim. At launch, Sacred 3 will also include the Underworld Story DLC, which sees you going to the top of a mysterious tower to challenge the Black Seraphim, a rival from Sacred 2.

Over on the US PS Blog, Ryan Avery from Deep Silver talked about the potential of Sacred 3 maybe coming to the PS4 or PS Vita:

Right now we are working to have Sacred 3 be the best it can be for the PS3. Our focus is there now, but that could shift to other systems in the future :).

On the EU PS Blog, Deep Silver International Community Manager Maurice Tan offered up a little more info about the game possibly coming to PS4:

Many people liked playing Sacred 2 cooperatively, so we put a lot of effort on the co-op action in Sacred 3, and to make it easier to jump in and out of a game! Right now we’re still working on making the PS3 version the best it can be, but we currently have no plans for a PS4 version.

Tan also addressed the PS Vita:

There is no Vita version I’m afraid. I don’t know where that rumor started, back in 2012, but we never announced a Vita version. Somehow that rumor stuck around for 2 years now!

Will you be playing some Sacred 3 this August? Let us know in the comments below.