Metro Redux is Real, Will be 4A Games’ “First Next-Gen Console Project”


Very recently, a retailer had listed images for something called Metro: Redux, which appeared to be a combination of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, with a release slated for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC:

metroreduxretailerimage2 metroreduxretailerimage1

Well, Metro: Redux has been officially confirmed as real in this post on EntertheMetro. Full details weren’t revealed, but the post does call it out as 4A Games’ “first next-gen console project,” with the official announcement arriving before E3 2014 in June.

Here’s the full blog post:

Metro Redux. You may have heard of it… even though you probably shouldn’t have!

We could issue a ‘We do not comment on rumor and speculation’ statement and pretend this never happened. They’re pretty boring to read. They’re also pretty boring to write.

So we’re going to comment on rumor and speculation instead.

Is Metro Redux real?

Yes. We never made any secret of 4A’s desire to bring Metro to the latest generation of console hardware.

But what you saw leaked was taken from an old, internal planning presentation, containing some nuggets of truth but a lot of hypothetical ideas and place holder material (eagle-eyed fans will recognize the artwork on the ‘packshot’ as the art from the original Russian edition of the Metro 2033 novel. And that ‘logo’ is just the old Metro 2033 logo with the ‘2033’ scrubbed out and ‘Redux’ added…).

As you can see, we’re not quite ready to reveal 4A Games’ first next-gen console project, but we will be making an announcement this side of E3.

And we think the reality is a lot more exciting than the out-dated material that got leaked shows, and we’re itching to share it with you. Just not yet.

Do you like them being straightforward about the existence of Metro Redux? Would you buy Metro Redux on PS4 if it’s just a combination of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light? Let us know in the comments below.