Sucker Punch Explains Why you Can’t Skip inFamous: Second Son’s Cutscenes

Following their detailing of the upcoming inFamous: Second Son update that will add the ability to cap the framerate at 30fps, turn the HUD on/off, and more, Sucker Punch’s Ken Schramm answered some fan questions over on the PS Blog.

Quite a few people (including Cliff Bleszinski) wondered why we couldn’t skip cutscenes in the game, with Schramm explaining, “Lots going on behind the scenes during many cutscenes (loading/setting Time of Day), so not easy to skip unfortunately.” Schramm also confirmed that the 30fps cap feature would be optional, and “rain is part of our Time of Day systems. In other words, rain will appear in certain time of days.”

After someone launched into a caps lock-laden tirade about things wrong with inFamous: Second Son, Schramm replied:

We hear you and appreciate your thoughts and opinions on how to get around Seattle and no online multiplayer.

As you know, Second Son’s powers get you quickly from point A to point B, while feeling super human. For us, driving a car, riding a bike, [and] swimming in water didn’t fit that mold of being super human – especially when you can travel from rooftop to rooftop, up and down buildings, etc. As for online, have you tried out Paper Trail. No, its not multiplayer, but a good 4 to 5 hr experience nevertheless with online components.

What are some features/changes you’d like to see in inFamous: Second Son? Let everyone know in the comments below.